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 How to start a serious relationship after being a player - Iris Garcia Blog
  • How to start a serious relationship after being a player

    Serious relationship after being player
    There’s nothing wrong with being a player, many times you do need to explore the options and dating multiple persons isn’t something bad at all. However, if you get the etiquette of a player, it can be quite hard to try and stabilize yourself within a normal relationship. There are some things that you need to focus on, and we will list the most important ones in this article.
    Always say the truth
    Staying truthful is the start of all relationships and if you want to stay with a person in the long run, you should never lie. Make sure that you say the true stories of what happened, who you are and which are your goals, because in the end this is what dating is all about, finding the truth about that person in front of you.

    Pick a person for the character
    Just because a person is pretty doesn’t mean he/she may be worth your time. Choosing a person based on a character and beliefs is a lot better, so try to find a person with whom you can connect, as that will be a much better option.

    As a player you might have less respect for your date, but you need to change that. Remember that respect is the basis of all relationships, so try to focus on being mannered, as that will help quite a lot in the long run.

    Try online dating
    Online dating is actually a good way to try and find people for a serious relationship. It offers complete access to a wide range of persons, so you just have to find a person that seems like a fit for you, then message him/her. It might take a while to respond, but don’t try to contact hundreds of persons at a time, instead focus your attention on just a few persons at a time.

    Pick a date place that is convenient for both
    One thing your date will appreciate is the detail you place within your first meet. Making sure that he/she is close to the date location will show that you really care about that person, and such a thing will help you make a good impression from the start.

    Keep in touch
    Players are more of a sex and leave person, but if you want a serious relationship you have to keep in touch all the time. Mails, messages or social networking apps will help you do that, and this way you will show your love and appreciation for your date.

    Split the check
    Finances shouldn’t be an option, but always try to split the check. It’s a crucial thing to do almost all the time, as it will show respect to your potential partner!
    If you want to start a new, long term relationship after being a player, then these are the ideas that you need to focus on. Remember that the more you focus on improving your relationship, the better it will be. So, stay truthful, be yourself and show your appreciation to your loved one, as this will help a lot in the long run!

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