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 Why We Stop Having Sex After Our Kids - Iris Garcia Blog
  • Why We Stop Having Sex After Our Kids


    Having a child can be an extraordinary experience, but for many couples this can take quite the toll, as it can lead to a lack of sexual appeal and for some couples it can actually terminate the sexual relationships.

    Most of the time the culprit here is the child on its own, because he requires a lot of attention and thus the couple will have to deal with less snuggling time so to speak. On top of that, the testosterone level seems to drop rapidly for most fathers, and that on its own can lead to a lack of sexual desire.

    Sure, there are a few biological things that might hamper the entire experience but let’s face it, this should not be a reason to stop having sex. We all know that sex is great for our body and especially the hormones, but at the same time it helps regulate the body functions and it brings in front a much better life experience as a whole.

    Sex also offers us a way to stay more comfortable in our own skin, knowing that the loved one still has a thing for us, and that’s something that should always be there. Sure, having a child will definitely hamper this for a little while, but do remember the fact that sexual desire should always be there if two people love each other.

    Most persons stop having sex when the child comes just because they are afraid of spending more time with the loved one instead of nurturing the child. But the reality is that the child is just fine, instead it’s the relationship that needs nurturing, because in the end it can offer you some really exciting experiences.

    There are plenty of persons that managed to rediscover themselves by trying to have sex even more often when compared to what they did before. All of that after the child comes. So not having sex is most of a psychological thing rather than anything else, and you should be the one to focus on how healthy your relationship really is.

    Nothing is normal until you make it sound like that, so you should try to create your own rules. Just because you have a child doesn’t mean that you can’t spend some alone time with the person you always loved. Impulses should be followed all the time in such a situation, because they are the ones that will lead to a better health and more amazing experiences as a whole. It all comes down to the way you address the entire situation, that’s it.

    Do try to communicate with your loved one and always share your passion. If the person you love doesn’t share your need for sex or your beliefs, then you need to try and make them understand how important sex is for your body and for the entire relationship. Talk about this, as in the end this is what matters the most!

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