The new generation of women in politics


There was a time when women never used to have any leading obligations. Their area of dominance was in the kitchen, taking care of children and tending gardens. That was long time ago as presently women have taken similar roles just like their male counterparts. The most recent turn of events is finding women in politics where they are running and winning electoral positions in governance.

The women’s turning tide

Women empowerment has some dark sides that everyone wishes not to remember. But the encouraging aspect is that it has not all been in vain. Pro women campaigns have been consistent and their united voice has had a massive effect. In the turn of 1990s, there was a large portion of women in politics. The figures have been growing thanks to favorable gender policies that governments have been passing. The likes of Margaret Thatcher came over all the odds and her contributions set in motion a new notion towards women leadership.

With backing of pro-women policies, masses that believe in women and pressure groups that support the woman cause; women have risen from behind the scenes of social hierarchy. From just a couple of women in influential positions, today there are countless of them and the growth in numbers is not stopping any time soon.

The present day woman in politics

Philippines, Germany, South Korea and a few other states around the world have trusted their leadership in women hands. Apart from being heads of states and governments, women are holding ministerial and other powerful political offices. They lead men and no one raises a finger. There used to be a saying that “behind every successful man, there is a lady”. But that has changed now that sometimes men have to follow from behind.

Powerful nations are now resting their political powers in women and it is turning out that what a man can do, a woman can do better. It is yet to be seen whether the American electorates will be caught up with the tide of change and for once rest the most powerful nation in the hands of a lady. There might never be a female dominance in politics as it has been with men but equilibrium between the two will be reached in the future.

What the future holds for women in politics

Women have made huge strides towards political position. They are more daring and no longer take the back seats when it comes to politics. In the future, the number of women in elected places will continue to grow. They will go for top positions that they would never dare before. The future will be bright for women leadership as the movement for equity is taking serious turn and more people believe in their leadership.

It will not come by surprise if the USA is led by woman in the near future. It will remain to be seen if Hillary Clinton will be the first female president in White House. But whatever the outcome, women in politics is only at its tip of the iceberg but will keep growing in the future.

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