The Secrets For Homeschooling Mom’s needs to know


Proper time management is key to successful homeschooling initiative for moms. If you’re a homeschooling mom, with an effective time management, you would be able to find time both for your family and your education as well. You will find time for your study in those occasions where you thought time will be against you.

Here are some useful tips to create a better environment and time management for homeschooling moms

Make use of free time

In normal school system, there are breaks in between the daytime classes, lunch recess, gym time and other free time where the students are idle. Make each of these free time count most for you to study and do your course work.

Be Efficient Cook

When you cook food for four people, use the same period of time to cook for eight instead. It is efficient, a time-saving technique to make a meal by your favorite recipe, try to double it then save for the next day or else you can wrap and freeze for later in the week. For Instance, when you cook dinner in the evening, keep the extra for another day it gives you hassle free lunch and in the same time saves you time for study.

Hire a home tutor

Many subjects can be studied at home all alone. But as you go through your study there will be specialized subjects that will need the assistance of a home tutor to handle. This will be costly but not as much as compared to the cost of attending all those classes for the specialized subjects in a normal school set up.

One Task at One Time

Being focused is the basic time management principle. Pay attention to current task instead worrying about other matters in the meantime. The first step towards effective time management for homeschooling moms is to keep themselves away from being distracted. If you are cooking breakfast, just do that alone. Do not take unnecessary pressure for an undone school assignment or missing marks. You will notice that as you become more focused you become more successful and efficient in each activity.

Do Multi-Tasking but Wisely

It’s very stressing to perform two tasks wisely at the same time inevitably one or other task can suffer. Suppose you are trying to cook food and iron your clothes at the same time. Choosing to do one task at a time at the expense of the other is good enough. However, multitasking can work well during a nonphysical task. For instance, you are washing the dishes at the same time making a necessary call to your relative.

Avoid Bringing the School Work at Home

When you enter your house from school, leave workload and undone assignments at school. It is important to study and pass all your exams but to be a good mom is also necessary for you. Sometimes it may be necessary to bring some school work to your house so when necessary just leave it all undone until you are through with all your house chores and your family has eaten and slept then you can start working on it as others sleep.

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