Meet Iris

Puerto Rican born, Iris Garcia is a businesswoman, producer, writer, TV host, and philanthropist.  

As the CEO and founder for IG Productions, Iris is responsible for overseeing production and development staff specializing in all public service announcements. The team at Iris Garcia Productions produces commercials, testimonials. documentaries, multiple series, talk shows, sports, and specials, across the US and Latin America.

Iris appeared on several Hispanic television programs including “Un Nuevo Dia” in Telemundo, “El Sello de Mujer” in Azteca, “Cristina” on Univision, and many more. Her vibrant personality and straight-talk eventually brought her to host her own TV Shows.  Her TV shows and podcast are designed to educate, entertain, and bring awareness while empowering women to be successful from their boardroom to their bedroom. 

Iris has been empowering women to WIN for over 15 years by coaching them to overcome obstacles.  As an expert in relationships with broad experience in mass communications, Iris started Women Voice Network, a 501(c)3, non-profit organization dedicated to educate, inspire, encourage and empower women. Women Voice Network creates programs, training, workshops, and videos to bring awareness to issues such as domestic violence, human trafficking, bullying, missing children, and many other compelling issues. 

When not busy working on TV or technology,  Iris enjoys dancing, swimming, and concerts!