IRIS is a bilingual show that brings a common-sense approach to everyday problems as she interviews real people with real issues such as domestic violence, human trafficking, missing children and other compelling issues. Iris draws from her own life experience as she covers a range of topics that include family, parenting, education, relationships, finances, workplace issues, and friendship.

Other TV Shows

Simplemente Ser Mujer



"Simply Being a Woman" (SSM) is a Spanish TV show aimed primarily, but not only, to Women, and the men will enter a world often unknown to them. 

 It is a show dedicated to offering solutions to the women, with many tips and high doses of entertainment, oriented in different aspects of life, such as finance, technology, health, education, beauty, and others.

It is an informative and dynamic show created from the spontaneity of our guests and interaction that you establish with us through social networks and special reports that we make their voice heard.  

A show full of stories of failure and success with women living in the troubled reality of today, struggling to achieve victory and SIMPLY proud of being a woman.





“Sex or Sexy” helps you put the sexy back in your relationship. Iris Garcia talks about what most people think about, but are afraid to ask. Her show will educate, entertain and bring awareness while empowering women to be successful from the boardroom to the bedroom. 

SOS (Sex Or Sexy) is an informative bilingual TV show hosted by Iris Garcia, and co-host by Dr. Alberto Dominguez Bali and Angelina Castro dedicated to helping women and couples discover their sensual soul.

This is a highly engaging show, geared for young and young at heart with studio guests and interviews. Social media integration with the audience allows viewers to get involved and share their stories.